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Shop and Partnership Announcement

Shop and Partnership Announcement

Elli Espi is thrilled to announce a partnership with local Brooklyn independent publishing company, Lit Riot Press. The end of 2015 has brought a myriad of inspired products to the market designed by Elli and friends. Please visit the Lit Riot Press storefront to check out some swag related to Elli’s first published work: Hummingbird (A Lyric Book). From Elli: The process of working with the LRP team has been a dream come true. My right brain is able to get creative and have fun, while my left brain is learning so much about design work, business, and content production. I am thrilled to be able to be in the driver’s seat for the creation of some of my lifelong project ideas. I couldn’t think of a better place to explore – right here in Brooklyn, New York, where creativity and business are holy grails, and venturing into the unknown is celebrated. My friends at Lit Riot Press and Radio Free Brooklyn have shown me the value of community and vulnerability – that’s how you get your best work done. Here’s to the beginning of the next chapter- 2016! To every person that is supporting me, thank you for being here – you have a crucial role in the thriving of this creative and intentional world we are building together! And stay tuned, because coming down the pipeline is: MUSIC, POETRY, CLOTHING, and some sweet collaboration projects. If you want to collaborate, just hit me up here: elli@elliespi.com.  Love…... read more

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Hummingbird: A Lyric Book to be released December 2015

Hummingbird: A Lyric Book by Elli Espi

to be released December 2015